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Our Specialty

We offer the most efficient Private Health Services Plan (PHSP).
As an employer/owner, you can set up your company's PHSP coverages online in less than 5 minutes!
As an employee, submiting an online claim is super easy, and you can view your claim results right away.

How it works

You set each of your employee's monthly PHSP allowance.
Employees submit claims online on behalf of themselves or their family members.
Each month, based on employee accrued allowance and claims, we will provide you a reimbursement statement to show how much you should reimburse each of your employees.
You agree to directly reimburse your employees in the amounts stated in your monthly PHSP reimbursement statements.
You agree to pay Helethan Benefits the PHSP service fee plus HST.

About Helethan

Helethan Health Benefits Inc. is based in Windsor, Ontario is dedicated to providing Private Health Services Plan (PHSP).
Helethan Health Systems Inc provides Helethan Health SaaS (Software As A Service) to health insurance companies and health benefit management companies.